Eating Your Way Through Paris

Bonjour from our morning view of the quiet, windowed executive lounge in the Rive Gauche Marriott! While we’ve splurged our taste buds on every croissant, omelet bar, morning tea, and almond pastry in this fruity yellow breakfast hall, we’ve been eating like royalty through the streets of my favorite city.  

When you go to Paris, you’re indulging in farm-fresh city food (always).  You are garnishing your taste buds with the city’s best yums.  Almost every window is brimming with authentic, morning-made food, so if you choose to pass a window for another one, odds are you’ll find the same simple city menu at the next stop.  

Our favorite eats from Paris:


There are a few ways to live like a Parisian, but the foremost depends on how you breakfast.  Which means you better be getting your morning meal at a boulangerie. Every morning, from the top of our little apartment, I would wave to Winston as he'd walk the cobbled street across to snag a baguette, apple tart, and chocolate croissant (whoops), voyage home with two cups of cocoa, and we'd sit on our deck with fresh food and enjoy the overlook.  Butter up your baguette and dip it in hot chocolate if you really want to feel like a Parisian.


A Pomme de Pain club du poulet, which is chicken and pesto and fresh tomatoes on a morning-made baguette.  (Although Winston opted for a jambon and thick cut parmesan on ciabatta, which I ordered at the next stop... yum).

Stop at:


Pomme de Pain


Chez Gladines (Basque!)



Fraise glacé (Strawberry ice cream): the local treat that’s sold by every tourist post.  We stopped at the Eiffel Tower, near the carousel, and Winston almost teared up as he explained the “glory and goodness” that comes from such a simple delicacy.



We snagged a few good meals from Time Out's list of Paris's cheaper eats.  Like A la Biche au Bois, which was warm and delicious.  Or the Pont Martin in Strasbourg, which hosted the best river view (my favorite place we ate).  The go to meal? French onion soup.  Sit down under that colored veranda, call for a glass of sparkling water (if you really want to feel French), and order a bowl of smooth brown onion soup.  Each chef does it differently, more delicately.  The onion soup in Paris and the onion soup up North, in Strasbourg, are not one in the same.

Our grabs:

Le Consulat (Sacré-Coeur) 

Pont Martin (Strasbourg)

A la Biche au Bois

Chez Hanna

Du Pain et des Idées



Orangina and Schweppes: I can’t believe I’m recommending a soda, but here goes—imagine fresh-made Sprite, straight from the lime, mixed with English squeezed orange juice.  Put it in a can and voila! You’re drinking the blessed best, Orangina.  (WARNING: Schweppes are for people who like a strong fruit on their palette.  All hail carbonation).  


Ah, macaroons. You've heard so many mythical things about them.  Although Ladurée makes the delicatessen, all famous macaroon, as budgeteers who prefer the less touristy vision, we opted for a box at the Galleries Lafayettes (a French shopping mall that's filled with foods).  Our favorite flavors:

Pistachio, Vanilla, Almond, Mango.

(Although I am a hearty chocolate advocate, I had to pass on this one... the lighter flavors are better with this creamy, wafty treat).



What does one buy when they walk into a boulangerie? The options can be overwhelming, and all so painfully fresh, it makes your head spin.  Thankfully, as a missionary chomping at the bit, Winston learned a thing or two during his two years in France about buying the best breads.  Our favorites? Apple tarts (my favorite grab), chocolate croissants, strawberry tarts (to be purchased at any place, ever), almond croissants, and fresh baguettes.  While you can’t really go wrong in your purchase, these goods are at the top of our tried-and-true list.  

Our stops:


Saint Michel

La Parisienne

Pain du Sucre


When you go vacation for a long stretch, your wallet starts to squeal.  So, Winston and I opted for a cheaper route (although, when you have family from Paris and are the “newlyweds,” you can still snag a few classy lunches), and, thankfully, in a city as sweet as Paris, it’s easy to get luxe cuisine for little.  

So, as you’re window shopping all the Parisian goods, remember to enjoy the flora and fauna of the city, and keep your eyes peeled for those magical spots, burrowed along the path.

And, as they say in the city of love,

Bon appetit!