3 Ways to Make Today Better

For all of us coming out of our semesters, our stress wakes, our times of trial, spring is everything good.  Spring means new, clean, and all in between.  With yearly redoxes come new aromas, a few storm clouds, and a charge of weddings.  

Today I feel average.  

My sweet fiancé isn’t even entirely sure how to cure the wedding chaos and busy brain that is me.  

So, I did three things today - three simple things - to give my moody day a little sunshine. And you need to do them, too.


1. Get yourself a new aroma

If I were stuck on an island with a bare 3 things, as my fiancé smartly said, I’d have my paint supplies, a good book, and a candle.  A scented life is a happy one.  Prosperity Candle rang in my new spring with the freshest aromas yet: a Valencia candle in a comforting chamomile and sage, and a petit Washi Tea Tin that made me crave my beach.  My room is an oceanside garden!

Each candle is poured by a beautiful refugee woman, who are on the climb to making a way for themselves in the USA. Their drive to make good, matched by a conscious desire to improve the lives of refugees, makes me part of a process which puts people on the up and up.  Read more about their beautiful mission here

Prosperity Candle Co.

Prosperity Candle Co.

Smell is the number one sense that streamlines memory.  


Shedding the thickness of your seasonal candles and going for the clean, earthy kind is the best thing to do for yourself today. And, every time you smell it, you’ll remember good times.


2. Make your month pretty


Wall calendars are the root source of my joy.  Mine hangs loose by my bedside (I just made and hung a new one, something simple).  BE NOT DECEIVED: May isn’t all the easy breezy you’re seeing there.  I have yet to transfer the flurry of daily tasks from my makeshift to this newly designed one.

THE BEST PART OF CALENDAR MAKING: Scribble a giant X every day, and watch tasks get tick-marked.  This is a project for math brains and the craft-minded.  And I choose it over a planner, because those get tossed around, and flipped through, and don’t feel like a banner for my life.  

I need a banner in my daily life.


3. Buy yourself flowers


My second year of college, within hours of my most wicked breakup, my roommates charged me to the local 24-hour grocery store and stocked our house in white roses.  Thankfully it was two days post-Valentine’s (I know, he was a keeper), and I went from unfathomable sadness to twenty-four roses deep and alive!  Loving yourself is essential to living well.  And dressing up your life in blooms is a quick way to feel like a million bucks.  It makes any room shinier, and what better way to put your life together than with a soft bunch of tulips?

Branch out a bit (ha).  Paint spring into your season, even if for a few short days.  


TIP: Mother’s Day is around the bend, so prices are about to jump, but run in any local place the day after for the easy deals.  Please, do this for you.


Not every day is the best day of the year.

Spring is equal parts chaos and cleanliness.  Don't forget yourself in the process. Make absolute sure to give yourself the fresh kickstart you adamantly deserve.


Au revoir!