What to Wear in February

I know, I know that it’s January, we’ve got a hellish February ahead of us, and the weather is a sickly 20º right now (I know). Life lately has been 6AM cycling classes, preparing to lead a personal branding training for over 500+ Adobe employees, and writing papers on impossible-to-understand Anglo texts and 18th century poets (also, Monday episodes of The Bachelor, of course).

So, with all of this buzzing around me, I’ve been building up my inspiration for what I want my February closet to look like. Fashion is a definite source of self-expression, and taking care to put things in your closet that spark joy (Marie Kondo, anyone?), while also expressing your persona are hugely important to me.

February can be cold and brutal. But I love to dress it in slightly warmer tones, with fabrics that can cross over into the spring months. So, I’ve gathered up a few items that are taking over my closet this February, clothing that speaks volumes for me. See what you think:

Going with pleats.

Screen Shot 2019-01-20 at 5.41.04 PM.png

This rust-colored pleated dress has me reeling. Pleats are so feminine and earthy, and this color screams February, while also gently crossing over into Spring. Hoping this makes it to my door before Winston and I head to Portland over V-Day. Also, for you pregnant ladies out there… double whammy!

Screen Shot 2019-01-20 at 5.43.05 PM.png

My mom is insistent that polka dots never really go out of style. They aren’t usually my first choice, but pair them with soft pleats and black + white, and I’m usually sold. This beautiful dress from ASOS screams French chic, so I may need to plan a trip to Europe.

Screen Shot 2019-01-20 at 5.50.52 PM.png

Wow, we’re doubling up on the polka dots. Owning a red dress can’t really go wrong, and this feminine shoulder cut is certainly on my list for this coming year. A bright, summery dream!

Long white skirts

I get a lot of questions about one of my favorite items, my long white linen skirt from UO. They sold out on their catalog, but the timeless number is certainly still on the market and turning heads. My skirt made it through three seasons (yes, three!), and I’m already itching to pull it out of the Summer Bin for this year. So, I’ve rounded up a few similar finds that might do the job for you, too:

Screen Shot 2019-01-20 at 5.54.08 PM.png

This white denim slit skirt is close in style and design as my white linen one, yet maybe even more transcendent, since it works for both sneaker and heel alike. See you in the summer, denim!

Screen Shot 2019-01-20 at 5.59.31 PM.png

The minute I picture something with a sweater on top, I know it’s game over. This dark cream pencil skirt from ASOS is luxe and lengthy, and just the hue I’d like to dye my entire wardrobe in.

Screen Shot 2019-01-22 at 8.05.46 PM.png

I clearly have an affinity for fabrics I could potentially sleep in. A soft ribbed midi skirt from ASOS looks extremely comfortable and casual, while still fitting a winter warmth. As I age, the yearning for cozy, demure fabrics goes up. What a funny correlation.

sweaters for the “Final stretch”

Winter is on its last haul the second February turns into March. At least, I like to tell myself that. So, of course, as someone living in a legitimate winter wonderland, it’s only natural that I continue buying sweaters until July gets steamy. But I know I’m alone there, so I’ve found sweaters that keep me feeling lovely during the long dark season, but also work their way into the warmer months:

Screen Shot 2019-01-22 at 8.16.57 PM.png

Madewell’s coziest yarn sweater is currently sitting pretty at 40% off only $49, which is unusual (and pretty wonderful). This is still fully stocked in 5 colors, and is just thin enough to brace the brutal weather, yet still feel fine as soon as April rolls around.


My current favorite rave, this side-button turtleneck from Madewell, is the white sweater of my dreams. It’s the perfect thickness, with a turtleneck that’s actually made of a lighter material than the sweater itself (anti-turtleneckers, take note). I have big plans for this beauty.


One word: mock necks. This deep navy Topshop sweater is on the slightly heavier side, but it’s dark and cold out, so thus. The cut and design of this sweater is one of my very favorites. A wise woman once told me that you should only buy clothing that you know fits your body type, and this is one of my favorites of those.


Brighter, bolder. Madewell always knocks the stripes out of the park, but this striped goodness is currently on sale. I’m here for it.

Happy February!