Holiday Stuff is On Sale – And It's Good

Home decor has been so important to me since my seventh birthday, when I jovially repainted my room a stark yellow, bought pink checked bedding, and coordinated a range of fluffy pillows to match my lime green hand painted lamp. L.O.L.

But, really, when the holidays came around at my little Utah State dorm, I talked my roommates into not one but two Christmas trees, bought us all stockings, and ended up with 4 bins of Christmas decor on the move out.

Now, I have curated exactly what I love, but that doesn’t mean my wish list wasn’t eons long, overflowing with incredible finds, beautiful light strands, garlands, wreaths, stockings. So, rather than keep the goods to myself, I figured I’d share: after all, they are on sale!


West Elm Bulbs ($9 – usually $39!)

These simple beauties are stunning on a tree or intertwined with your mantle garland. The thin copper wire, as well, makes them ideal for that illusionist “mystery light” effect. Magic, I suppose.

A fluffy pinecone wreath ($24, usually $50)

For all of my traditionalist friends out there (not me – I am transforming), this is a pretty wicked deal on a last-forever wreath. Particularly because faux wreaths are never this cheap, and this one is from West Elm, a brand I trust. Plus, just looking at it, I can almost see the trimmings and drapings I’d coat it in.

Screen Shot 2019-01-07 at 3.11.38 PM.png

Patterned Faux Fur Stockings (typically $40 – currently $10!)

These faux fur stockings are the perfect size and texture to make a mantle more fun. Plus, I’ve noticed a lot of my friends are transforming into color fiends. I’m so monochrome, it hurts. BUT: that little part of my brain that never commits to anything just loves these, so maybe my brighter friends will too.

Screen Shot 2019-01-07 at 3.16.37 PM.png

Frosted Wreath from Anthropologie (normally $150, on sale for $37!)

Quite honestly, I’ve never seen an Anthropologie wreath (or a regular big, beautiful, detailed wreath, even from my alma mater, Hobby Lobby) this price, ever. Why are they always so expensive? Either way, this is a bargain.

Screen Shot 2019-01-07 at 3.25.58 PM.png

Felt Wreath ($19, normally $80)

I just put this article on pause so I could buy this wreath. It’s hand crafted, my dream come true. Plus, I am getting super into wool and felt lately – anyone else falling in love? If you’re going to have a faux wreath for Christmas, anyway, it may as well have the etchings of irregular craftsmanship.


Pinecone Wax Candle ($3)

I have a problem with both buying candles I super love, and buying candles I super love but will never light because, of course, they host their own special – or unspecial – purpose.


Large Berry Wreath in Black & White ($30)

A beautiful, thick, monochrome wreath that will colorize with you through the years. It’s way on sale, too – I love how gentle it is, and good it would be for the outdoors. PLUS! I am already picturing the ribbon I would tie on it.


Pearly Opaque Ornaments, Set of 6 ($10, usually $20)

These gentle colors and gorgeous pearly hues would make any tree better. I just had a set sent through my local Crate & Barrel. Half off, for me, means doubling up on the goodness.


Glass & Wood Garland ($24)

Many of you put wood beads on your mantle this year. But I would do you one better with something as timeless and effortless as a glittery glass and wood combination. Imagine how gorgeous that glass looks when the Christmas lights are twinkling.


Silver-Tipped Bulb Lights ($12, usually $30)

These lights are extremely steampunk romantic to me, which is not a vibe I’d ever regularly attest to, but – come on – they’re beautiful. Gorgeous little filaments.


Matte White Garland Beads ($10)

For all of you with a classical eye, these traditionally Scandinavian beads were a hot topic in the year 2018. We had some deep ruby-colored ones when I was a kid, and I want so badly to add them to our tree next holiday season. Simple, pragmatic, homey.


Prism Gold Garland ($19, usually $40)

Okay, now I am not a modernist. My style sways between traditional and industrial (with wildly French undertones; and this is very un-French). However, this completely caught my eye in a fish-out-of-water kind of way. I love it. I want to tie ribbons to it and cinch in onto my tree or a pretty ledge.


Gorgeous Mirror Trees (between $24-50, usually $120)

I feel that no words can do justice to these beauties. I am all about splurging a tad on your Christmas decor, especially when it’s hugely on sale (it never dips like this again), and having one of these propped on our desk or table center gives me bonafide chills.


Galvanized Christmas Houses (between $14-$19)

As a kid, I always dawdled over the snow-capped “villages” that were in so many homes around Christmas. But, as I got older, I outgrew the vintage look and went for something far more – like I said – industrial. The white porcelain version of these is a bit too trendy for my taste, but these pretty (and reasonably priced) home collections can be so easily stored and so beautifully styled.