5 Things Every Morning Needs

If you dread that first morning alarm clock buzz, you’re far from alone. Morning is a hard topic. Rejoining the world after a warm doze is no easy feat, and oftentimes, stepping immediately into a routine can feel sloppy. Surprising? No. Science claims it takes seven minutes to embrace sleep, but a full twenty to recover from it, which means bullying ourselves into a rough wakeup could be a crime against nature. If you’re looking to ease into your day and embrace the sunrise, consider a few of these power-ups.

Here are five things every morning should have:



Lemon water

Miranda Kerr kicks off her day with a glass of lukewarm water and lemon, the metabolism trick every supermodel knows. However, you don’t have to be in the market for fat burning to feel the giddy effects of lemon water–citrus carries disease-fighting capabilities, soothes sore throats, aids in water retention, and fires up cell reproduction. Above all, it starts your day with a true and vibrant cleanse. No wakeful jolts or raging flavors. (For extra anti-inflammatory benefits, cut up fresh ginger and turmeric and toss it in your kettle water.)


30 minutes of centered workouts

This week I went way south of my aesthetic and bought a gym membership. It’s been a wonderful thing–even if I can only skip into the building for 30 minutes. Sometimes it’s a full hour, sometimes I can only force myself into a quick elliptical session. Whether or not you are gym-ing it or doing the standard yoga stretches and sun salutations, committing a strong thirty minutes to breaking a sweat will kickstart a full day of work.


Photo by PastryAffair.com

Photo by PastryAffair.com

A vegan breakfast high in fruit and protein

Omelets may be the centrefold of American breakfasts, but these eggy delights could be bloating you, and fellow dairies are doing the same. Making your first meal something that will be less likely to cause a rumble is the best option for a true, empowering breakfast. Fruit-filled oatmeals, an acai bowl, or a whole grain cereal with plant-based milk is the cleanest way to enter daytime. Peppering your goods with organic protein powder, as well, is a fast way to get the fuel you need. Our favorite is Orgain’s Vanilla Organic Protein Powder, which you can get here from Thrive Market.


Cleansing ritual:

a good face wash, or (preferably) a shower

Often are we tempted to trudge into the next day living on yesterday’s grime. This may seem convenient, but its effects are harrowing. Stripping the night’s oils off of your face and body is essential to purifying, so do it regularly (and thoroughly!) as you melt yesterday away. And if you’re itching for a challenge, giving the 10 step Korean skin care routine a go is our choice method. I have been rolling with this skincare routine since a stunning cousin of mine reemerged from her teenage years looking like Jennifer Aniston in the first season of Friends. It took little convincing for me to hop on the bandwagon, and the results have floored me.


Instagram via @aeriallynn

Instagram via @aeriallynn

Morning meditation

Putting yourself into a new day is a challenge for most of us. Facing another well of stress can throw even the strongest of our kind into shambles. It’s no surprise so many have turned to apps like Headspace and Calm for slow morning meditations, and have seen a wash of results. The outcome has been stellar for many reasons (I have pretty jumbling Attention Deficit, which is currently on vacation!), but being able to get a full start is one of the greatest of those. If you’re skeptical on the wonders of morning meditation, the best way to rinse out that curiosity is by doing it, and doing it on repeat. Download the Headspace app and give it a try.


Whether you are a morning person or not, fueling your day the right way will help you make the most of these wee small hours, and give your day the turn it most needs.