My Baby Registry

8 more weeks. 8 more weeks. I can do this. 

Amidst everyone overflowing with advice, the only thing that’s really punched me in the gut has been: “Don’t take anyone’s advice, your baby won’t do what other babies do. Just learn how they do things.” What a funny thing to tell you as I hand off my must-buy baby list.

I’ve been combing the Internet since before I was pregnant, drowning in research, gliding through every known baby site and having my credit card flagged for foreign payments (baby stuff is worlds cuter in Denmark and France). But I’m also looking for uber convenience, because I’m trying to beat out those post-baby blues before they strike. The easier I can make my life, the better.

So, you could say my baby registry is an intense body of research and cost analysis, from user reviews to close friends’ testimonials. And a whole lotta the “make it easy for mama” mindset.

Take a look:

(1) The Babyletto Mini Crib (2-in-1 Twin Bed)

Bassinet lovers: welcome to my dark side. I was hellbent on the Design Dua Moses basket, but after doing some math, I came to the conclusion that an extra $200 co-sleeper that’s only good for five months was not my jam. And then I met this crib.

Smaller than a generic crib, but bigger than a bassinet, this guy is suitable for humans until they’re big enough for a twin bed – and, poof, that’s exactly what it becomes. There’s no bassinet on the market that outlasts a six or seven month baby, and I wanted a longterm relationship. So, this is my major score.

It fits near our bed and will be easy to move once girlfriend is sleeping through the night (if?).

(And if you’re scoffing at my crib-only ambitions, see line item #15 – I’ve got plans for co-sleeping, too)

(2) Large Muslin Blanket

Okay, don’t let the tacky photo dissuade you. As much as I wish this was my goldmine find, lots of my friends owned it first (which is how I know it’s a goodie). This is the best multi-use blanket ever. Almost the size of a full towel, and made of the softest, creamiest muslin, the best baby textile on earth. Nursing cover, prop, swaddle, car seat cover. You name it, it can do it. Wash dishes? Maybe. File taxes? Probs.

Obviously I speak from others’ experience, but this is genuinely one of the items I’m looking forward to the most.  A $15 Amazon blanket made from God’s greatest textile. Cozy things tug at my soul.

(3) L’ovedbaby Organic Onesies

The baby wardrobe is coming along nicely (a little too nicely, help), but I haven’t been able to get myself to buy any newborn sizes because newborns grow like wildfire. Baby girl’s got nothing to wear before Christmas.

So, since nesting mode is creeping up on me, these last few buys have gently tested the waters on newborn brands, and L’ovedbaby is my favorite. They’re thick and soft, far more sturdy than my other cheap, starchy, cottony footies. Buying in bulk!

(4) Owlet Baby Sock

Lots of opinions on this. Some have screamed “do it!” from the rooftops, others have told me not to bother. If you’re not familiar, this Owlet is a small sock that doubles as a heart rate monitor to prevent SIDS. For me, I know it will help me rest easy. For you, maybe that’s not the case. But the thought is already putting the anxiety at bay, so I’d consider it a win. 

There are too many anxieties with new parenthood, I’m making sure this isn’t one of them.

Hack: people are constantly selling them on Facebook marketplace. And it doesn’t hurt to borrow, if you find someone willing to share for a few months.

(5) Puj Flute Baby Bath

Okay, I did mounds of Google searches in pursuit of the most minimal, compact, space-saving baby bath design. Spoiler alert: this is it. (And none of this is #sponsored, by the way, as if you even had to ask).

Baby baths are usually either pretty ugly or pretty enormous. None of my favorite chic brands have added baby baths to their catalogs (boo), so I’m glad I found this one. I can’t speak to its durability quite yet, but the reviews are sparkling and the video sold me.

(6) Wildbird Sling

I have a goooood feeling about this one. There are so many slings on the market, but few that feel like a fashion accessory and even fewer with an arsenal of how-to videos. And, plus: babywearing is actually a big thing. It promotes endorphins, can help ease colic and induce restful sleep for baby. I could go on, but I’ll just let you fall down the rabbit hole that is Wildbird’s Instagram. One of my favorite accounts to follow.

Plus, they’re local and female-owned and operated!

(7) Baby Brezza Anti-Colic Bottles

So, I’m not sure what the “perfect” bottle is. Will I ever know? Maybe not. But people love to squabble about their favorites, so I’ve been listening, and this one has come up a lot. Something about oxygen flow and preservation of nutrients in breastmilk.

Plus, they look better than some others on the market. We’re giving it a go.

(8) Burt’s Bees Ointment

So, diaper cream. Ugh.

If you’re not already on the natural bandwagon, maybe this purchase will seem unnecessary to you. But scouring for the perfect diaper cream has been a doozy since I have no clue what we’re working with yet. Someone recommended this to me, and since I’m a big Burt’s Bees believer, we’re rolling with it.

Non-toxic and generic enough to be used on any body part (that’s actually a good thing). Made of ingredients I know won’t hurt my baby.

(9) Baby’s Brew Portable Bottle Warmer

Okay, game changer. Portable bottle warmer. 

Truly, I’ve got major fears about being able to leave my house with a newborn already. Plus, as an Adobe employee, I know pumping and bottle-feeding will be a need for our family. Winston’s gotta hold down the fort sometimes.

This portable bottle warmer is revolutionary, since it means I can bring secure frozen breastmilk on the go without having to take pit stops. This also relieves me a little, since Winston can confidently take her places while I’m working and have milk supply ready to be safely warmed.

Comes with a formula dispenser and is useful for formula or breastmilk. Can’t lose.

(10) Diaper Genie

I actually hate the idea of a diaper genie. Up until a week ago, I thought it would be such a wasteful purchase, but then my brain started buzzing: is my house going to constantly stink of diapers? Am I going to have to bag every diaper, everyday? Will I singlehandedly kill Mother Earth this way?

As far as I can tell, this is actually little better for the environment, has serious odor control and, as long as it’s concealed in my bathroom, isn’t a total eyesore. And on top of that, never having to wrap and conceal a baby diaper sounds like a small luxury to me. I’m doing it.

This one from Target is, by far, the most simple design I was able to find (really says something about diaper genies). 

(11) Nose Frida

Yes, the snotsucker. This looks like one of the most disgusting products ever, but apparently it’s sworn by every mom as the best. And, no, it doesn’t do what you think it does.

For my little fall and winter baby, I don’t want her diving into life with a stuffy nose. This solution looks like one of the better ones (and gross, but less gross than those weird sucky ball things?).

(12) Organic Nipple Cream

Nipple cream, the ultimate breastfeeding buddy. After scaling so many reviews, this one might be my perfect match because it’s USDA Organic and lanolin-free (lots of moms have sensitivities to lanolin, including me!). I’m not willing to put something on my soon-busy nipples unless it’s super toxin-free. The baby-safe promise is a must, because babies are major exposed to this stuff.

So even if this cream ends up turning me blue, I’m here for it.

(13) Wellements Organic Baby Relief Care

Any gripe water believers out there? I hadn’t even heard of this stuff, but a few moms have sworn by “soothing” baby (and preventing colic) with drops of gripe water and teething oil. One of my friends even swears it’s the reason her little babe doesn’t get sick. Not swearing by anything quite yet, but if you want to, give these reviews a read – maybe they’ll convince you like they convinced me.

(14) BIBS Pacifiers

These Danish binkies are obviously no secret in the baby community, and they’re mostly famous for being cute. But they should also be famous for their low environmental impact! Natural and eco friendly.

But they’re also freaking cute.

(15) Snuggle Me Organic

Okay, so I asked Instagram to give me feedback on their favorite baby products, and I think about 100 people named a Dock-A-Tot or Snuggle Me Organic. Super similar, but I chose a Snuggle Me for its simple design and their range of linen and cotton covers. Plus, I scored mine at a warehouse sale for waaaaay below the usual price. Couldn’t say no.

As for co-sleeping: a couple friends have invested in bassinets, cribs, and other co-sleepers only to have their littles sleep like angels in these Snuggle Me’s.  So instead of buying a $200 co-sleeper, I’ve basically DIY’d a prop next to my bed (so it’s snug between the wall and my pillow). She’ll just sleep on this, if she likes it. If not, back to the drawing board.

(16) Heirloom wooden rocker (Charlie Crane Paris)

Did you see my heirloom baby rocker from Charlie Crane Paris? Or, the #1 thing I’m saving if there’s a fire (besides my daughter)? A couple questions on it: It’s non-electric and made of beech wood and organic cotton, all the way from Europe, and something I’ve had my eye on for years. 

I am not a baby bjorn lover. Yes, they’re convenient and automatic and maybe Baby S will be missing out on the good vibrations, yatta yatta. But! Electronics are somewhat less reliable, and don’t outlast the next generation. So, I went for an heirloom piece. We’ll see if she likes it (and if she doesn’t, the next baby better).

See my full registry from here.