The Minimalist Playbook, Day 1

My mom is a bulk buyer. She is a 10 for $10 lover with an affinity for Costco.  She crumbles under the word wholesale and lives for the dramatic pause between her and the cashier when they announce that she’s saved over $6 that day.  

Who can blame her? She was raised on an iron worker’s salary, in a fit of financial crisis, and was taught that caring about herself was low on the totem pole.  I wasn’t raised that way at all, but I was brought up in a throng of plastics: plastic cutting boards, plastic silverware, plastic furniture, you name it.  Plasticity, what was once a glorious alternative to the Real Deal, is now the height of [thumbs down emoji].  

Timelessness is a visual thing.  Timelessness starts in our closets, with our wool suits and collared shirts, and runs all the way to our ceramic bowls, our detailed silver, and our linen bedding.  You’ll come to find timelessness on the higher end of price, where the “real things are,” but you’ll also find yourself eerily satisfied as the years pass by, and your furniture maintains its glow, its grip, and its glamour.  

Timeless things only grow better with age.


Millennials right now (it’s a hot word for many reasons) are the curators of something I like to call the Custom Generation.  We’ve been handed materials, by the blaring generation before, for creating our own styles.  Softwares are alive and moving.  Just this past week, I’ve had two friends offer to design my wedding invitations, but on the offhand, I did it all myself.  

Timelessness is the continued effort to expound on what came before us.  We continue to use the base models of art, of design, of fashion, to curate our taste so masterfully, it can never be outlasted.  It all comes down to 5 ideas, which transcend wardrobes, kitchens, and color schemes alike:

  1. The pursuit of a regal color scheme.  Deep shades, contrasts, and tones that have been unflinching through time.  

  2. The pursuit of an unchanging wardrobe.  Things that can be pulled out in two year increments, in ten year increments, and hold all the same gravity.

  3. The pursuit of an earth-based lifestyle.  This has nothing to do with veganism, but everything to do with the matters of nature.  Utilizing the rawness of our globe, loving biology, being influenced by the simple designs of earth: symmetry, flowering, moving with the seasons.

  4. The pursuit of less.  Becoming an owner of only things that are of such brazen importance, they find your hands everyday.  

  5. The pursuit of a grander life.

This week, in the heinous effort to cleanse my life, I’ve based my Spring Cleaning around the pursuit of timelessness; the acquiring of such minute and magic details, my grandchildren can look on them with admiration and envy.  It’s a day-to-day process, starting with those regions closest to me: bedroom, bathroom, and all the in betweens.  


Each day, a new horror awaits.  And each evening, a little heart has been recovered from my overdressed life.  Maybe, in the pursuit of this big, lugging project, you will find yourself as refreshed as I am.

The Schedule:

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Day 2: Watered Down Wardrobe

Day 3: 9 Necessary Bedroom Collectives

Day 4: The Bathroom Breakthrough

Day 5: Memory Lane

Day 6: Final Touches